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Kory Phillips better known as The King of Fitness, is a certified fitness instructor and nutrition enthusiast who himself has lost over 100 lbs NATURALLY. He is the CEO of both Shake Sum Cafe and Lovely Bodies Health & Fitness which now offers 3 gym locations in Shreveport, LA , Atlanta,GA and Dallas,TX. 

After being overweight for many years and experiencing the challenges of his father having a severe stroke, Kory knew it was time to take his health seriously and make a change. Kory started on his fitness journey like most trying all the fad diets and exercise programs, and like most everyday people saw little to slow success. Kory began to study both the fitness as well as the nutrition and finally unlocked the key to success in his health and wellness and lost over 120+ lbs. After trying hundreds of supplements, and nutritional programs, The King of Fitness decided to start mixing and creating products that made sense for the everyday person; products that tasted great and provided actual results. After seeing his own results , Kory began testing his products in his gym with his clients and they were a hit, clients saw results faster, the products got great reviews and SHAKE SUM CAFE WAS BORN.


What was started from our CEO’s own nutrition journey and 2 primary products Shake Sum Tea and Meal Replacements being sold exclusively to his clients, has now expanded to over 20 great tasting products available nationwide through a network of exclusive distributors and the Lovely Bodies Gym. 

Developed with the everyday person in mind, Shake Sum products are great tasting, easy to make, affordable and provide real results. Regardless of where you are on your fitness or personal health and nutrition journey Shake Sum has something for you, Looking loose weight …  NO PROBLEM…your an athlete looking to bulk and tone….NO PROBLEM  looking to replace sugary sodas and juices…NO PROBLEM….Looking for a wellness booster..NO PROBLEM Shake Sum has something for everybody.

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